Continuous Nebulization Tube Set

An accessory to the Aeroneb Solo micropump nebulizer.

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Aerogen is leading the way in patient safety with its continuous nebulization tube set. Aerogen is the first nebulizer manufacturer to address the concerns of our customers and the regulatory authorities in relation to the safety risks posed by misconnection of standard luer connectors . This new tube set incorporates non-standard Luer connectors that cannot be mistakenly connected into any other device being used with the patient. A unique blue color coded tubing is used for ease of identification.



  • Non-standard connectors eliminate the risk of misconnection
  • Blue colored tubing for unique ease of identification
  • Drop by drop continuous nebulization
  • Works with all standard syringe pumps

Continuous Nebulization

The continuous nebulization tube set is a single patient use device, and can be used with all standard syringe pumps for continuous nebulization. Used in conjunction with the Aeroneb® Solo, the medication is nebulized on a drop by drop basis, giving you precise dosing control without changing formulation. Aerogen is compliant with the European Harmonized Standard EN 13455-1 and with the FDA recommendations on prevention of nebulizer tubing misconnections.


Easy to use- Easy integration with the Aeroneb Solo micropump nebulizer while in line
Flexible – Fast, hassle free assembly
Control – Continuous nebulization on a drop-by-drop basis

Product Specifications

Tubing Length : 1700mm (1.7m) approx
Priming Volume: 3.65mL max

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