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  1. More Drugs to the Lungs.  The Aeroneb Solo delivers up to four times more drug than jet nebulizers and up to three times more than MDIs. That’s more efficient drug delivery for your patients.
  2. No Added Flow or Pressure. The Aeroneb Solo does not add any addition flow to the circuit, so there is no need to change ventilator parameters.
  3. Aerosolizes Suspensions. The Aeroneb Solo does not heat or degrade drugs, and its mode of aerosol generation enables it to nebulize suspensions.
  4. Continuous Nebulization. The Aeroneb Solo can nebulize continuously for up to 7 days, and up to 28 days on intermittent use. When powered by the Pro-X controller, it is interchangeable between modes.
  5. Silent Operation: The Aeroneb Solo is completely silent, making it suitable for the most sensitive of infant ears.
  6. Pediatrics  to Adults: The Aeroneb Solo is suitable for pediatric through to adult patients.
  7. Single Patient Use: The Aeroneb Solo is a single patient use, multiple dose device, thereby eliminating sterilization costs.
  8. Small Particle Size:  The Aeroneb Solo nebulizer generates aerosol particles that can easily navigate the lung’s smallest air passages, ensuring effective lung deposition.
  9. No Drug Wastage: The Aeroneb Solo has a low residual volume (< 0.1mL) thereby eliminating costly drug wastage.
  10. No Need to Break the Circuit:  the Aeroneb Solo can be left in its T-piece in the breathing circuit so there is no need to break the circuit to refill the nebulizer.