Measure your lung health in seconds

Breathing is everything. We breathe almost 1 billion times during our lifetime. And while most of us take breathing for granted, for 1 out of every 10 people breathing can be a struggle.

Understanding your lung health is vital to living life of its fullest

Healthcare should be affordable, easily accessible and a simple, yet engaging experience. NuvoAir Spirometer, the first spirometer connected to a smartphone that lets you understand your lung health in seconds, anytime, anywhere,easy to use with your iPhone or Android Device and as accurate as a professional Spirometer, measuring:

Our Air Next captures all key spirometry parameters


Volume of air that is exhaled during the 1st second of forced expiration, starting from a full inspiration. Healthy individuals. have a FEV1 > 80% predicted.


Volume of air that is exhaled during forceful complete expiration, starting from a full inspiration. In healthy individuals. FVC is typically above 80% predicted.


The fraction of air exhaled in the first second relative to the total volume exhaled. In healthy individuals, the ratio is typically above 0.7.

Peak Expiratoy Flow (PEF)

The maximum speed of expiration, starting from a full inspiration. If your Peak Expiratory Flow drops below 80% of your best, follow your asthma action plan.

Predicted Values

Based on the Gender, Age, Weight, Height, Ethnicity of the patient, the predicted values of the above parameters are calculated.

Expiratory Curve

All flow/volume datapoints are captured, allowing us to measure additional parameters like FEF*, MEF* and all ratios.
*Currently not displayed in app.

Inspiratory Curve

Within 2018, also inspiratory measures will be able to be captured using our app and Air Next spirometer. This feature is not yet available.


Our technology is made for patient use with simplicity in focus

Immediate maneuver feedback

After each spirometry maneuver, the user gets immediate feedback in case of errors. Within the blink of an eye, our algorithm recognizes and informs about coughs, slow exhales or early abortions. The user can thereby learn and adjust the maneuver to produce only relevant outcomes.

Session grading

After performing three tests, the user receives the session grading, i.e. the standardized evaluation of the repeatability of the test-results. This provides an indicator of the validity of the results. The best result is automatically displayed.

Calibration free

Our mouth pieces do not require calibration and thereby always ensure accurate results.

Customized experience

While patients only see what is relevant for them, physicians can manage multiple patients in one app.

Simply download the free iOS/Android AIR app which offers you Immediate Feedback, Error Detection, Session Grading and Coaching to get high quality results.


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